Summer Programs

Registration for Summer Programs is OPEN!


We are pleased to be able to announce our 2021 Summer Day Camp dates for limited numbers of Pre-K (3 and up) Day and Resident Camp info for School Age (1st-10th grade at Day Camp and 1st-11th grade at Resident Camp) youth!

Information on our new Financial Assistance program can be found here: Financial Assistance 

Day Camp Schedule & Pricing

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Session Start Finish Notes
1st Session Monday,
June 14th, 2021
June 25th, 2021
2nd Session Monday,
June 28th, 2021
July 9th, 2021
Closed July 5th
3rd Session Monday,
July 12th, 2021
July 23rd, 2021
4th Session Monday,
July 26th, 2021
August 6th, 2021


Camp Name Age Group Price Per Session Full-Members All Others
Pre-School Day Camp 3yrs. & fully potty trained thru
6 yrs. & completed Kindergarten
On or before 5/28/21 N/A $375
After 5/28/21 N/A $420
School-Aged Day Camp 6 yrs. & completed 1st Grade
thru 6th Grade
On or before 5/28/21 $200 $310
After 5/28/21 $240 $360


Camp Name Age Group Price Per Session Full-Members All Others
Leadership Development Camp Completed 6th-10th Grade Anytime $25 $100

Daily Pre and Post Care options (starting at 8am and ending at 5:30pm) are available for $25 per session individually ($50 for both for a session).

Important Documents for Day Camps

Resident Camp Schedule and Pricing

Session Start Finish Notes
Girls Session 1 June 23rd, 2021 July 1st, 2021 (Wednesday – Thursday)
Girls Session 2 July 2nd, 2021 July 10th, 2021  (Friday – Saturday)
Boys Session 1 July 13th, 2021 July 21st, 2021  (Tuesday – Wednesday)
Boys Session 2 July 22nd, 2021 July 30th, 2021  (Thursday – Friday)

Camp Age Group Price Per Session Full Member All Others
Both Boys and Girls Resident Camps Completed 1st grade through 11th grade On or before 5/28/21 $240 $450
After 5/28/21 $270 $480

Important Documents for Resident Camps