Registration for Summer Camps Now Open!

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Become a Member

Become A Member

 Member Registration for 2017-2018 Program Year is now closed!

Summer Camp Registration
Now Open!

All after-school program registrations will come through this page.
If you’d still like to come down to sign up in-person, we would be more than happy to assist you and your family.

Full-Membership & Electives (Extra Programs)

Each Age Division has their own registration page, you can also sign up for electives (extra programs) specific to the child’s age group on that page. Click Here to learn more about Full-Membership programs and the many benefits that come with it!

Hope to see you in the Fall!  You can still sign up for Social Memberships below!

Grade Level Age Division
Registration Page
1st – 2nd Starters
3rd – 4th Preps
5th – 6th Juniors
7th – 8th Intermediates
9th – 12th Middler/Seniors
  • Within 3 business days you’ll receive a comprehensive email which will include the following information OR an email requesting additional information and/or consultation:
    • Welcome, from Sarah Heinz House!
    • Submit Member Photo
    • Membership Handbook & Requesting a Campus Tour
    • Extra Programs & Electives
    • Customize Your Sarah Heinz House Experience
  • Please understand that your members’ application has not been finalized until you have received your confirmation email. It is only after a confirmation email has been sent and received that your member may attend after school programming as a member.
  • Families that wish to pay cash or with a check will need to register onsite at Sarah Heinz House

Social-Members & Pre-School/Tot Programs

We have offered programs outside of membership to kids ages 6 Months – 6 Years Old in the past, this year we are excited to be offering some programs outside of full-membership to 1st – 12th graders! Click Here to learn more about Social-Member programs and activities offered.

*Registration Pages will be available for Winter Trimester Programs starting Wednesday, December 6th*

Age/Grade Level  Registration Page
Age 6 Months – 6 Years & Kindergarten  Click Here
Age 6 Years & 1st Grade –
18 Years & 12th Grade
Click Here