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the buhl foundation

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Through the Buhl Foundation’s Northside focused investments, its strategic partners are leading efforts to improve the quality of life for all Northside residents by transforming Perry High School into a high-performing school of choice for residents, modeling relationship-based policing through Zone 1 Cares and the Northview Heights Public Safety Center, preventing displacement and creating affordable housing through property acquisition and preservation, increasing access to quality, affordable childcare, providing residents with care, connection and long-term support through Thrive18’s Community health outreach, connecting employers offering a sustainable wage and benefits to job seekers, and ensuring youth access to quality out of school time programs, athletic and employment opportunities. 
Sarah Heinz House is thrilled to serve as a thought leader and provider for One Northside’s employment pillar by offering Northside a high-quality, out-of-school program within the Northview Heights community. 

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