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Registration:  Winter 2022 Now Open

  • Program Year 2022/2023:  From September 6, 2022 – April 29, 2023

Weekly Winter Program Schedule – Check it out!

Winter 2022 Daily Program Schedule

Full Membership:  $25 Fee/Child (per Program Year)

Full Membership: Attendance & Program Requirements – YouTube

  • Provides access to SHH programs at discounted rates, allows full access to SHH drop-in programs, and use of the SHH facility (e.g. game-room, basketball court).  See Full Member Benefits below.
  • Each young person in membership will be required to participate in one Program in both categories, with Full Members taking at least ONE of the core “Club” and “Gym/Swim” classes.  One of the two may be substituted.  If you choose to substitute another course option, you are required to pay the full trimester fee for Full Membership.

Full Member Benefits – Included at no additional cost:

  • 50% off ALL Programs
  • FREE Daily Meal & Snack
  • Homework Assistance
  • Life-Skills Program
  • Fitness & Recreation Program
  • Open Gym Opportunities
  • Drop-In Robotics Opportunities
  • Drop-In Media Lab Opportunities
  • Discounted Summer Camp Rates

Preschool & Social Membership:  No Fee

  • These membership levels allow sign-up and participation in ONLY the program(s) that you have registered and paid for, at the regular, non-discounted rate.

“House” Program Hours: Monday – Friday

Please note that staff and facilities are not available before 2:30pm:

  • 1st – 4th Grade:   2:30pm – 7:30pm (Monday – Thursday)
  • 1st – 4th Grade:   2:30pm – 9:00pm (Fridays only)
  • 5th – 12th Grade:  2:30pm – 9:00pm (Monday – Friday)

Register on MyClubHub 

We’re excited to introduce our families to the new and easy-to-use Member Management System called MyClubHub!  In partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, it was created by clubs – for clubs – which means we’re better able to focus on what’s important:  Our relationship with our children, our members, our families, and our stakeholders … in essence:  YOU!

With MyClubHub, you will need to create only one Family/Household account!  From this account, you can effortlessly register one or all of your kids, for one or ALL of our programs.

MyClubHub is our new Parent Portal, our new communication system that will have all pertinent Sarah Heinz House information for our families (Membership Handbook, Monthly Newsletters, Fact Sheets).  We are pleased with this new system and we hope you will be too!