Registration for the Camp Centennial Now Open!

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Afterschool Membership Registration is CLOSED for the 2021 Afterschool Program Year, but those currently enrolled may now sign up for Spring classes and everyone should look for info on Summer Camps soon!

Spring Electives (extra programs) now available for signup!

Call the front desk at 412-231-2377 to sign up for your favorite extra programs like Dance, Robotics, Aquatics, Find Your Strength, Leagues and Media Lab!

New Master Schedule posted below.

Membership History & Requirements

Mr. Howard C. Heinz began Covode House and later Sarah Heinz House over one hundred nineteen (119) years ago and we have maintained many of his successful practices in the years since. In short, we want to see you regularly at SHH! We believe it is important for our afterschool members to attend at least two days a week to have a full and holistic experience as a youth member and we have created a system for Fall 2020 that will maintain that structure for all our age groups.

Each young person in membership will be welcome 2 days per week based on their age group:

  • 1st-4th graders will have programs available on Fridays and Saturdays
  • 5th-8th graders will have programs available on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • 9th-12th graders will have programs available on Wednesdays and Thursdays

The full membership requirement for most of our history was to attend weekly “Club” and “Gym/Swim” on a regular (50% or more) basis. This requirement is no longer in place for Program Year 2020-2021 due to safety limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather, we will use daily attendance as a benchmark for meeting membership requirements. 

There are no requirements for attendance of Club or Gym; rather we are asking families to register their youth for programs on both of the days available to them each week.

2020-2021 Afterschool Program Year

September 28th, 2020-May 8th, 2021

Program Days

Mondays– Juniors and Intermediates (5th-8th grade)

Tuesdays– Juniors and Intermediates (5th-8th grade)

Wednesdays– Middler/Seniors (9th-12th grade)

Thursdays– Middler/Seniors (9th-12th grade)

Fridays– Starters and Preps (1st-4th grade)

Saturdays– Starters and Preps (1st-4th grade)

House Hours

Monday—Friday   Programs: 2:30 pm* – 9:00 pm

*After-School staff and facilities are not available before 2:30 pm

Saturday Programs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Annual Fee

$25 per program year, per child

Member Benefits

Free Daily Meal & Snack
Homework Assistance
Life Skills Programs
Fitness & Recreation Programs
Open Gym Opportunities
‘Drop-In’ Robotics and Media Lab
Discounted Summer Camp Rates

Customize Your Sarah Heinz House Experience

In normal circumstances, one of the great benefits of Membership at Sarah Heinz House is our diversity of programs and activities available for drop-in, meaning youth may come and go as they please without any need for prior signup. We wanted to maintain the ability for youth to stay on our campus and access those opportunities between their structured classes, but our new safety procedures require us to limit the number of persons in each area at a time. We also want to reduce contact in our hallways and other areas between classrooms and program spaces as much as possible.

Therefore, we are introducing a system we are calling “Individual Scheduling” this program year.  As part of your onboarding process at SHH, your member will make selections for what areas they will spend their time in each day via an online form that will be attached to your confirmation email, which you will receive within three business days following your initial registration (you can complete the first step here).

We believe Individual Scheduling will allow each member to customize their daily experience to their liking and we encourage youth and families to discuss their choices with one another before making selections. As much as possible, we want to enable friends to be together during downtime, for meals to be eaten at an ideal time for each youth, and for everyone to have their best possible experience at SHH each day they attend!

You will note as part of the Individual Schedule form that we ask what time you will arrive each day; please be sure to give yourself wiggle room when making this selection. If you drop your child off before your scheduled time, we will have a safety issue and you will be contacted by SHH staff. Repeated occurrences of a drop-off before your preselected time may incur a fine and/or declined participation. If you think your child MAY be onsite during a certain half-hour segment of programming, please make sure to save yourself a spot for that time. You will also note that we do not ask what time your child will leave. We are asking everyone to please make selections through the end of the night whether your child will likely be onsite or not. This is to ensure that in the situations that inevitably arise (traffic, emergencies, miscommunications, etc.) we will have a space reserved for your child within our safety parameters.

Finally, please note that participation in Club and/or Gym is still strongly encouraged but no longer a requirement for maintaining membership at SHH.