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Registration For Afterschool Membership (Program Year 2021-2022) Closed

Handbook, Weekly Schedule and Divisional Sheet Available Below!

Membership History & Requirements

Mr. Howard C. Heinz began Covode House and later Sarah Heinz House over one hundred nineteen (119) years ago and we have maintained many of his successful practices in the years since.

In short, we want to see you regularly at SHH! We believe it is important for our afterschool members to participate holistically, in both “Life Skills” and “Healthy Choices” programming.

Each young person in membership will be required to participate in one program in both categories, with members in 1st-8th grade taking at least ONE of the core “Club” and “Gym/Swim” classes. One of the two may be substituted, if you choose.

*MIDDLER/SENIORS (9TH-12TH grade) MEMBERS*, you no longer have required Club and Gym/Swim classes, and may select one option from each category for your “Life Skills” and “Healthy Choices” option. Regular attendance (over 50%) MUST be kept in the two classes you select as your primary courses to maintain membership.

Your divisional sheet is available below for review, or check out flyers with additional information on your available classes here: Middler/Senior Classes

2021-2022 Afterschool Program Year

September 7th, 2021- April 30th, 2022

House Hours

Monday—Friday   Programs:

2:30 pm – 7:30 pm (1st-4th grade; Mon-Thurs)

2:30 pm* – 9:00 pm (5th-12th grade Mon-Fri; 1st-4th grade on Fri)

*After-School staff and facilities are not available before 2:30 pm

Saturday Programs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

There are limited spots available for those families who truly need additional coverage for their 1st-4th grader from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm on Monday-Thursday nights.

You can pay for this coverage as part of your registration for a Starter and/or Prep member.

Annual Fee

$25 per program year, per child

Divisional Sheets (Program Listings)

Starters (1st-2nd Grade)

Preps (3rd-4th Grade)

Juniors (5th-6th Grade)

Intermediates (7th-8th Grade)

Middler/Seniors (9th-12th Grade)*

*See new Middler/Senior required program info above*

Member Benefits

Free Daily Meal & Snack
Homework Assistance
Life Skills Program
Fitness & Recreation Program
Open Gym Opportunities
‘Drop-In’ Robotics and Media Lab Opportunities
Discounted Summer Camp Rates

Customize Your Sarah Heinz House Experience

One of the great benefits of Membership at Sarah Heinz House is our wide diversity of programs and activities. We also know some families require additional flexibility to allow them to be members and the core offerings of “Club” and “Gym/Swim” do occur on separate days of the week for each division.

Therefore, we invite member youth of all age divisions to substitute ONE of their core offerings for another class of their choice in the same program category (“Life Skills” or “Healthy Choices”).

For the first time in our history, MIDDLER/SENIOR (9th-12th grade) members may select any program they would like to for both categories. Dance and Robotics selections are an additional cost.