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Membership is open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and in the 1st grade through senior year (12th Grade) in high school

Full-Membership History & Requirements

Mr. Howard C. Heinz began Covode House and later Sarah Heinz House over one hundred eighteen (118) years ago. The full membership requirement at that time was to attend weekly “Club” (Life Skills and Social Education activities) Program and “Gym/Swim” (Healthy Choices Program activities (the two “Core Programs”) on a regular basis. This requirement remains in effect today, but slightly modified with some additional choices.  Keep in mind that full membership is a privilege, and this requirement of strong attendance and active full membership is designed for the overall development and wholesome character in our full members.

Program Year

September 17th, 2018 – April 27th, 2019 Trimesters Fall: September 17th – December 1st Winter: December 3rd – February 23rd Spring: February 25th – April 27th

House Hours

Monday—Friday   Programs: 3:30 pm* – 9:15 pm

*After-School staff and facilities are not available before 3:30 pm

Saturday Programs: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Open Campus The campus is open to full-members every day of the week (except Sunday), even if the full-member doesn’t have any scheduled activities. Whether they want quiet time to do homework, hang out in the games room and/or hang out with friends (in addition to the many activities and programs), there is a lot that is offered on campus.

Annual Fee

$25 per program year, per child

Member Benefits

Meal & Snack: FREE, every day. Check out this months Meal and Snack schedules.
Education Nation: homework time and assistance
Life Skills Programs
Fitness & Recreation Programs
Open Gym & Swim Time
‘Drop In’ Robotics
Discounted Summer Camp Rates
Field Trips: Educational and Fun
Family Fun Nights
Holiday Events: Fall Fest, Potluck Dinner, Holiday Play, just to name a few

Customize Your Sarah Heinz House Experience

We want to make sure you are aware of all the SHH programs available to the member. For most of Sarah Heinz House’s history, all members were required to weekly attend our two traditional programs with their peers, Club and Gym, which are split by age division and gender. In addition to Club and Gym, Sarah Heinz House offers many additional “elective” programs for specific interests ranging from Robotics to Dance to Martial Arts to Media Lab. While we encourage you to consider signing your member up for these electives as add-ons in addition to the traditional programs of Club and Gym, we realize that many families would like to customize their SHH experience by substituting an elective for a traditional program. You are welcome to do so for ONE of your traditional programs: Club or Gym. We will still require your member to maintain at least 50% attendance in their substituted elective in order to remain eligible for membership. All available programs for your member, per the links below, along with their prices:

Grade Level Age Division Programs & Activities Pages
1st – 2nd Starters Boys Girls
3rd – 4th Preps Boys Girls
5th – 6th Juniors Boys Girls
7th – 8th Intermediates Boys Girls
9th – 12th Middler/Seniors Boys Girls