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Oratorical Contest Delivers Great Speakers

In addition to the Top 50 and SAR Awards for the Recognition Dinner, tonight will be the night for some great speeches!

In March, we had our annual Oratorical Contest, where our Juniors and Intermediates write a speech, if they choose to do so, about a moment in American History. Participants speak in front of their peers and are judged by a panel of staff & volunteers. It is a great opportunity to research a topic, put the information into a speech and rise to the occasion to stand in front of your peers.

This year, we had 12 participants (11 girls; 1 boy) and they all did a wonderful job. Way to go ladies! : )

It is a part of Heinz House tradition that the winners receive an award from the American Legion as they also participate in the Recognition Dinner event.

This years winners are: Kai Sachon & Marleighna Goehring

If you see anyone that participated, make sure you congratulate them for a job well done!  Special thanks to Kyle, Denise Melcher and Mary Basel for being our judges.