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Gain essential skills with our options in robotics. These include Jr. Lego Robotics, First Lego League Team, VEX IQ Competition Team, Preschool Robotics, Engineer Club, VEX team, and FRC Robotics Team.



Jr. Lego Robotics

  • Starts 9/25

  • 1st-4th grade

  • Students will learn the basics of robotics with our Lego Robotics and practice the skills needed to join our Lego team


First Lego League Team

  • Starts 9/5

  • 4th-8th grade

  • Become part of our FIRST Lego League team where we will prepare for competition using engineering, programming, problem solving, and teamwork and compete in local competitions.

VEX IQ Competition Team

  • Starts 9/26

  • 4th-8th grade

  • Learn about engineering and Design and compete against local teams.


Preschool Robotics

  • Starts 9/27

  • Kindergarten

  • Explore science concepts and work on building our habits of the mind while we play and learn and ask questions.


Engineer Club

  • Starts 9/27

  • 1st-5th grade

  • Students will explore various building and engineering concepts including Lego Design, Robotic Cardboard sculptures, circutry, and more


VEX Team

  • 9/27

  • 8th and up

  • VEX is a program that teaches complex science and engineering principles.  Each year, VEX releases a competitive game and students are tasked with working together to design and program a robot that can earn as many points as possible.


FRC Robotics Team

  • 9/28

  • 9th-12th grade

  • Work together to design, build, and program a large robot to compete against other teams in the region. We actively participate in the engineer and design process in our robotics lab and metal shop

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