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Bulletin, January 2019

Sneak Peek:

What’s Your Word for 2019?

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.  -Peter Drucker

As 2018 came to a close, we gathered as a staff for a moment of self-reflection and sharing.  We were charged with the difficult task of identifying ONE Word for the coming year.  We were not to consider our intent for Sarah Heinz House, but rather, for ourselves personally.

Upon reflecting and selecting our individual Word, we then forged our intent onto a piece of jewelry.  Stamping our own Word not only symbolized our commitment to live out our intent for 2019, but also served as a reminder of both the effort and focus it will take to do so effectively.

The best part of the exercise was the sharing out of each person’s Word and why they chose the Word that they did.  Each Word was wonderfully unique and tightly tied to our humanness.  It was both a moment of vulnerability and of strength.

I will not be the spoiler and share my colleagues’ Word choice. I will, however, share my own and encourage you to seek out staff members to engage in discussion about their Word.  You will get a beautiful and honest glimpse into the souls of those who devote themselves to helping our kids to laugh, learn and lead on a daily basis.  So without further ado… 

My Word was “Curious.”   The reason I chose and commit to being Curious in 2019 follows.

If I am curious, then I will keep in mind that every person has a unique path and that we all learn differently. I will meet others where they are and be open to difference.

If I am curious, then I will be open to how relationships serve as wonderful mirrors, allowing me to see myself more clearly.  I will pause in an effort to understand why I am feeling irritated and then, like an oyster, transform such irritation into a pearl of insight and wisdom.

If I am curious, then I will approach the world and life with a child-like wonder.  I will be kinder to myself and far less critical. I will not fear the unknown.  I will take risks.  I will see opportunities as opposed to challenges and will embrace failure as part of the learning process. 

So, we now challenge you to identify your ONE Word for 2019.  We look forward to hearing what you chose!

Happy New Year!

Jennifer Cairns
Executive Director

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