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Bulletin – February 2018

Sneak Peek:

February is “CAMPAIGN For OTHERS”   Month

 During the month of February, the members of Sarah Heinz House take time to consider others who may be less fortunate than ourselves. This year’s recipient is The Pittsburgh Project

The Pittsburgh Project is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit that has spent the last 32 years developing servant leaders and upholding the dignity of vulnerable homeowners.  Throughout the year, they operate a series of after-school and summer programs for urban young people, deploys over 1,500 people annually to perform free home repairs for more than 130 of Pittsburgh’s elderly homeowners annually, and provides recreation space through the maintenance of Fowler Park and Fowler Pool.  For more information on The Pittsburgh Project, please go to

Many exciting fund-raising activities are scheduled to benefit the Campaign for Others. Enclosed is a program schedule including dates, times, and fees for many of this month’s events. Take comfort knowing that by participating in the fun and exciting activities, you are providing resources to benefit other kids.

NOTE: On some days when activities are offered during Club or Gym, the schedule may be slightly different for that day.  Please see Campaign For Others event schedule.

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