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Bulletin – September 2017

Sneak Peek at this months bulletin…


  • For the first time in our history, Sarah Heinz House registration can be done entirely online! Simply go to our website on your smartphone, home computer or tablet and click the “Become A Member” icon on the homepage OR  CLICK HERE . There will be five links, one for each age division. Click the correct grade level for your child and fill out the online forms within. You can also sign your member up for electives (extra programs) online, all while registering for membership!
  • Within 3 business days you’ll receive a comprehensive email which will include the following information OR an email requesting additional information and/or consultation.
    • Please understand that your members’ application has not been finalized until you have received your confirmation email. It is only after a confirmation email has been sent and received that your member may attend afterschool programming as a member.
  • Families that wish to pay cash or with a check will need to register onsite at Sarah Heinz House.


  • Sarah Heinz House has a proud tradition of members regularly attending two weekly programs: Club and Gym. However, SHH recognizes that families in the 21st century may wish to customize their experience by substituting an “elective” course for a traditional Club or Gym. SHH now invites families to do so.
  • Members may SUBSTITUTE ONE of their Traditional programs with an elective course from the same program department (Healthy Choices or Life-Skills). We believe this change will allow members and families to have more flexibility while still ensuring that we see all our members for at least two programs per week. Regular (over 50% attendance) must be maintained in any elective substitution in order to remain a member in good standing.
  • If you would like to customize your experience in this way, please sign up for the elective while registering for membership and then contact us during regular business hours (posted online) via phone, email, or by visiting our front desk!

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