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Afterschool Champion – Kyle Glaser

The PA Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network recognized Kyle Glaser with an Outstanding Quality Award at their Annual Meeting in Harrisburg.

Here is his full nomination:

In less than three years, Mr. Kyle Glaser has richly enhanced the success and energy of the Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club. The afterschool environment has taken on new life since he has joined the Program Staff. Not only has Mr. Glaser been able to identify gaps in curriculum, but he also begun to fill those gaps with new programming that is consistently engaging and meaningful. The participants in Kyle’s afterschool activities find themselves exploring storytelling through multiple art, STEM, and media vehicles. Through these programs there is self-discovery, self-expression, and self-efficacy. A number of youths have shared their projects at fundraising events or put them on display throughout the halls of Sarah Heinz House. Their work is always impressive, but the best part of these projects is the sense of accomplishment and confidence that radiates from the artists. It is because of the dedication and hard work that Kyle pours into these programs, that such creativity and achievement are possible.

Mr. Glaser has also been instrumental in the development of a new engineering program, called “Design Factory.” This program provides members with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of sustainable design, construction, and community development. Two years ago the participants created a building model and plans for the new bathhouse at Sarah Heinz House’s resident camp. Last year they initiated a community service project to beautify nearby Troy Hill through restoration of the neighborhood’s Lookout Garden.

Just as Kyle supported and promoted the work of “Design Factory”, he has also contributed to positive growth of Sarah Heinz House’s afterschool programming across the board. There are numerous special events throughout the program year, but it is because of Kyle’s influence that these events have taken on an innovative and fresh appeal. During Mr. Glaser’s first year he revamped the “Education Nation” space. In this program youth participate in academic-themed activities and access homework help or tutoring. Kyle’s influence made the space lively, with comics, science fiction, and fantasy themed interactive decor. Originally, he choose a Marvel Comics theme that was hugely popular with all of the youth, volunteers, and staff alike, that it became the theme for all special events and activities that year. The following year Star Wars played the same role.

Mr. Kyle Glaser’s work over the years has truly had a meaningful and successful impact on Sarah Heinz House’s afterschool programming.


Thank you to the PA Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network for the recognition and support!

Thank you Kyle for all the work that you do!